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From test tube to technology

Bengaluru Tech Exchange (BTE) is a first-of-its-kind platform which encourages premier research institutes of India to exhibit, present and conduct one-on-one meetings with industry, start-ups & investors to accelerate the Lab-to-Market journey of their potential innovations. This initiative is aimed at recognising disruptive research ideas and helping them become disruptive technologies that can venture the market.

As India continues on a sustained growth trajectory, the need for a robust R&D ecosystem coupled with an increased investment both by the private sector and the government in R&D, gains significance.

The Indian government has been very proactive in formulating several support programmes and acknowledging the importance of R&D. However, lucrative economic growth in the R&D sector cannot be achieved without the private sector enhancing its investments in technology development. Access to technical competencies, young talent pool, cost savings, proactive government support and presence of an indigenous market are some of the significant factors attracting global companies to expand their R&D and production operations in India.

India has invested in fundamental research as well as translational research across various streams of science and technology under leading research Institutions and Departments like CSIR, ICMR, ICAR, DST, DBT, ISRO, DRDO, DAE and more, propelling its growth as a knowledge-centric destination.

Over one million scientists spread over 265+ national research laboratories across the country, are conducting their cutting edge research and developing revolutionary innovations. Much of this research shows impressive potential towards becoming a commercially valuable product or service. To tap this potential and to encourage investments into their growth, Bengaluru Tech Summit conducts the Tech Exchange Programme as part of its 3-day technology extravaganza.

Run, don't walk.

The start-up landscape in the country is becoming the epitome of innovation, and with this, India is advancing steadily towards its digital transformation.

Creating a benchmark in the global start-up ecosystem, the vision of 'build in India, built for the world' has led to the birth of umpteen Indian unicorns stirring up the competitive landscape. Indian startups continue to garner global funds and expand their horizons, as disruptive innovation in technology and process gives them the momentum to ideate solutions that are aimed at solving locally relevant issues.

The Global Innovation Zone, as part of the Bengaluru Tech Summit Expo, is aimed at showcasing emerging technologies and disruptive innovations from the top Indian and global start-up ecosystems in the world. This will be a lucrative platform for startups to showcase their innovations, network with Tech founders, innovators, and investors to build mutually beneficial associations and shape their futures.

Knowledge - the currency you need.

Listen, absorb, interact and learn the tricks of the trade in this 90 minute power-packed tutorial session that will be conducted by industry gurus spanning diverse topics on technology, its bearing on our lives, its strong influence on India's growth as a booming economic and much more.

This is where business gets done.

B2B meetings are partnering tools that help schedule targeted meetings between individuals that aim to expand, associate or interact with other businesses in a sector-specific, defined, organised setting. Bengaluru Tech Summit introduces this dynamic as an independent activity in the event schedule.

B2B meetings are more effective than old-fashioned networking sessions - a great B2B meeting provides the perfect context for generating real prospects. Using our one-on-one partnering application that facilitates face-to-face meetings with leaders in the IT/BT industry, academics from reputed research institutions, & policy makers from state and central governments, we cater to both local as well as international interests.

B2B meetings are an adaptable and fast way to engage participants in meaningful networking discussions with people who are truly relevant for their businesses, careers, or projects - opening up a wide spectrum of opportunities for our participating businesses.

Creative technology - a new breed of creativity

The greatest achievers have often been those who have blended passion and vision to create something magical. Whether you are the artisan, the hobbyist, the technologist, the entrepreneur, or the craftsman - this is your space to showcase your DIY (do-it-yourself) spirit.

Share your magical accomplishments with an appreciative audience and rub shoulders with other 'makers', as curious & passionate minds come together to celebrate, inspire and feel inspired by creative genius.

Bengaluru Tech Summit takes great pride in being associated with creative-recreational projects that may redefine our perspectives on the traditional use of technology. Whether your project makes the best out of waste, provides a cost-saving solution or simply makes for an interesting twist on an age-old concept, we are always keen to welcome any project that creates lasting ripples in the technology waters.

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