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Poster sessions allow for greater audience engagement and has gained immense popularity overtime. Posters exhibited by young researchers showcase newness each time with their excellent research and innovative ideas that have the potential to make significant impact in the field of Life Sciences and Biotechnology.

It is one of the major programs to be held during INDIA BIO. It will be aimed at generating new breakthrough ideas in Biotech and helping put these ideas into practice through interaction of poster presenters with distinguished visitors from industry, research organizations and the investment community seeking cutting edge innovations, solutions and collaborations.

Poster Session at Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018 invites applications from young researchers, scientists and technocrats to share their innovations and research projects through Posters.

Poster Presentation is an Opportunity to present a poster of your research work to an audience of over 1000+ industry professionals & catch their attention. These distinguished visitors are actively seeking cutting edge innovations, solutions and collaborations.

The selected posters will be printed in the Poster Document by way of abstracts, which will be distributed to all the delegates of Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018.

Poster- Walkway of Discovery offers an Opportunity for recognition within & outside the scientific community and to win prizes for Best Posters.

For further details,
Contact – Ms.Prabha Sharon
Poster coordinator
Bengaluru Tech Summit
Mobile: +91-99167 85005


Get ready to be a part of an event like never before, that will offer knowledge, networking and business opportunities 2018 at Bangalore Palace, Bengaluru